EMI GA Network General Meeting
Early Childhood:  The Beginning of the Preschool to Prison Pipeline

October 25, 2021 general meeting

Towards a New Framework for Achieving Decarceration: A Review of the Research on Social Investments

Melissa Evie Lopoo, lead researcher, The Square One Project

Early childhood investments that emphasized parental support significantly reduced criminal legal interactions in adulthood.

Full report


Standing Together Against Suspension and Expulsion in Early Childhood Education

Tunette Powell’s Story:  "My son has been suspended five times...he's three."

CNN story "Pre-K Suspensions Target Black Students"

NBCDI launched the “Delivering on the Promise" campaign in 2017. Through this initiative, NBCDI is supporting advocates and policymakers nationally who are seeking to ensure equal access to education for all young children by eliminating suspensions and expulsions in early childhood education and implementing positive discipline practices. 

NBCDI Report

Changing the Narrative: Breaking the Preschool to Prison Pipeline

There is an epidemic of school suspensions in the U.S. and the downstream consequences are severe. Adults suspend students, and while that may sound obvious, Dr. Rosemarie Allen realized that the problem might be the solution. When dealing with the difficult behaviors of children, what if we turned our focus inward?  (Played video through 6.27 at meeting)


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