End Mass Incarceration
Georgia Network

Providing a vision of restorative justice
for those affected by crime and incarceration,
including the offended, the offenders,
their families and affected communities

Due to COVID-19, we are holding Zoom meetings until further notice. Stay safe!  Join us at 1:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month for our informative and compelling community meetings!

Community Meetings

What does EMI Georgia Network do?
EDUCATE:  Provide for community information and education sessions on the issues of the juvenile and criminal justice systems, and agencies and organizations that provide supports and services at the local, state and federal levels;
COMMUNICATE:  Communicate the importance of the community’s role in understanding and participating in juvenile and criminal justice reform;
FACILITATE:  Facilitate  opportunities for the community to adopt a conversation of accountability and transformation, rather than retribution and punishment;
ADVOCATE:  Advocate for viable, solution-based responses for the end of mass  incarceration; 
PARTICIPATE:  Participate in the work of local, state and national justice reform and encourage participation in and support of the End Mass Incarceration Georgia Network and other like-minded efforts.