EMI GA Network General Meeting
The Connection between Child Abuse/Maltreatment and Justice System Involvement

April 24, 2023 General Meeting

April is child abuse prevention month. Numerous studies have indicated a significant connection between adverse childhood experiences (such as child maltreatment, childhood violence, and trauma) and subsequent involvement in the youth justice system. Yet, Georgia's children are underserved when it comes to providing comprehensive behavioral and mental health supports. Rather, the state is showing a move to more punitive measures that do not address the underlying conditions.

Guest Presenter:  Mr. John Izzo, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Mr. Izzo is a recipient of the Paula Crane Excellence in Addiction Treatment Award in recognition of his advocacy for "youth in society who are most vulnerable and have the highest need for mental health and substance abuse help."

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Ways to prevent child abuse - presented by Debbie Hillman EMI GA Network

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